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Custom Baseball Socks
Custom Baseball Socks
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Design Your Perfect Custom Baseball Socks

Were you looking for custom baseball socks to complete your uniform? Look no further than the Foot Cardigan! Design your perfect pair of baseball socks and choose from various colors, patterns, and customization options to create unique ones that reflect your team's spirit. Whether you're a coach looking to outfit your entire squad or a player looking to stand out, our custom baseball socks are the perfect choice.

Quality and Comfort Guaranteed

If you need custom baseball socks that are functional and fashionable, Foot Cardigan is the perfect destination for you. Our socks are crafted from high-quality materials that efficiently wick away moisture from your skin, ensuring your feet remain comfortable and dry throughout the game. With reinforced arch support and cushioned soles, our baseball socks are engineered to endure even the most challenging conditions with equipped shoes.

Moreover, our customization process guarantees that your design looks spectacular, regardless of how many games or washes it endures. 

Team Spirit Starts from the Ground Up

As a baseball player, you know that the game entails more than just physical prowess. It's about coming together as a team and showcasing your dedication and loyalty in every aspect of the sport. Custom baseball socks from Foot Cardigan are an absolute must for any team. Personalize your team's logo, colors, and name on our socks that provide the utmost comfort and functionality. By wearing customized socks, you'll look impeccable on the field and foster a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood with your teammates that can significantly boost morale and elevate your performance. So whether you're competing in a local league or a significant tournament, stride onto the diamond with panache and conviction with custom baseball socks from Foot Cardigan.

Custom Baseball Socks best quality

Highest Quality Custom Baseball Socks

Fall in love with your first pair.

  • 200 Needle thread count
  • Arch support
  • Bump-free toe
  • Y-stitched heel
  • Combed cotton
  • Reinforced heel & toe
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How to Make Custom Baseball Socks

Get your Custom Baseball Socks in 3 simple steps


upload assets

Send us your logo, design themes and let us know what the custom socks will be used for.


approve design

We will send you some custom sock design options. Once approved we will send you the invoice and begin production.


get your socks

Within 1-4 weeks of approving your order, we will ship your custom socks to you.

12 Pair Minimums

Free Design Mockups

Made in the USA

1-4 Week turn around time

Premium Quality Custom Baseball Socks

Transparent Upront Pricing

We can’t wait to make Custom Baseball Socks with you.

Our Custom Baseball Socks process is super simple and is as easy as 1,2, 3! This is how we roll!

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Every order includes

  • free design mockups
  • 12 Pair Minimums
  • 1-4 Week Turn Around Time
  • premium quality socks
  • Transparent Upront Pricing
  • Transparent Upront Pricing

“Our custom socks from Foot Cardigan were a great employee gift.”

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