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When you subscribe, you get perks galore.

  • Automatic 20% off applied to all individual sock purchases.
  • Free shipping on all subscriptions, PLUS free shipping on orders over $10.
  • Exclusive offers, VIP early access to sales, and partner discounts.
  • The ability to switch sock styles if you want to try something new.
  • And, of course, the sheer joy of receiving a sweet pair of socks delivered every month.

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And because we attempt to think ahead, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this whole subscription thing.

How does this whole subscription thing work?

Well, step 1 is picking which style you’re into — crew (fun patterns and conceptual designs), premium (subtle patterns and a luxury blend), no-show, or “boring” (solid colors up top, fun patterns below). Once you do that, we’ll pick a rad pair of socks to send your way every month. It’s that easy!

How many pairs do I get each month?

Adults get one pair of amazing socks delivered every month, and kiddos get two.

Do I get to pick the design?

No! It’s part of the whole surprise thing and definitely part of the whole fun thing! Think of it as buying a candy bar and finding a golden ticket to the chocolate factory every single time.

What’s the difference between all your sock styles?

Our Original Crew subscription is all about fun designs, fun patterns. Our Premium subscription features more subtle patterns and a higher quality, luxury blend, while the No-Show subscription is just that — no-show socks in bright, fun patterns. Our “Boring” socks feature solid colors up top with a design on your toe. We’ve got something for everyone, and you can always switch between styles if you want to mix things up!

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