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Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Karen G. (Saginaw, MI)
Rock'em Sock'em

Another name Fender Bender (after Fender guitars). Good job Sock Fairy ya'll make great socks fun.

Flower Faces (For Subscriptions)
Rachel W. (Olympia, WA)

this is so sigma

Month to Month Subscription
Keneica M. (Oxford, NC)
Love. Can’t wait for the next ones.

I started the subscription for my husband a while back. He has always raved about how great they were. I am so glad I discovered the women’s box. Now I get goodies too. I wish there was a triple box but since it’s not I will just have to enjoy the double.

Snaps of Socks
Rachel S. (Philadelphia, PA)

My daughter is a collector and the sock Fair meets her personality and loves the surprise.

Fortune Teller (For Subscriptions)
Alexis M. (Pottersville, NJ)
The comfy socks

These are are really cool socks that are also really comfortable and the pattern is really cool it reminds me of space and mysteries.

Alien Invasion (For Subscriptions)
Brooke M. (Kingston, NY)

I absolutely love every pair of socks I get

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Mary H. (Cleveland, TX)
Star of the Show

Everywhere I Go my socks draw a crowd; they are the Star of the Show!

Frank Hyatt

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Cathy Y. (Rockwall, TX)
Green Sox

Need a pair of green socks...just love these!

Flower Faces (For Subscriptions)
barbara g. (Rochester, NY)


Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Lou K. (Hartsdale, NY)

Completely ridiculous! Love them !
Love the quality of the socks ! Love the whimsy of the designs !

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Judy A. (Berkley, MI)
socks akimbo!

love the fit & finish; your socks are the whammy whoa!
THE BEST style, most whimsical themes, most comfy, best fit from sole to toes.

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Stephanie F. (Nashville, TN)
Love the Guitar

Love the Guitar

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Kim R. (Jeffersonville, IN)
Number One Pick

I don’t want to string anyone along…but these truly are my number one pick. The soft material is like music to my aching feet. I feel like a rock star with these bad boys on my feet at work. Just putting them on makes my heart skip a beat. I think I might need to see a chordiologist. Putting these on in the morning really helps my day start off on the right note.

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Tara M.H. (Minot, ND)
Music to my Feet

Love the little guitars!!! Fun design to wear to a variety of events!

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Fred L. (Sanford, FL)
Live em

Love the pattern cause I play guitar, very soft socks.

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Lisa S. (Rochester, NY)
Lil Guitars

very unique and extremely cute. I was very surprised when they arrived with the design. I love the fact sheet that comes with each pair.

Lil Guitars (For Subscriptions)
Ashley A. (New York, NY)

Very cozy, nice design!

12 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Nicole T. (Sterling, VA)
Awesome gift for people who have everything!

If your special someone already has everything....well, they don't have THIS! Perfect casual/sweet/fun gift for someone hard to shop for. Who doesn't like socks?! And who doesn't love a good in their mailbox?!

Lavender Flowers
Customer (Grand Haven, MI)

Love you these socks!!

Lavender Flowers
Jina F. (Dallas, TX)
Great socks!

These came in son’s monthly socks. I wasn’t sure if they were too feminine for him. However, he gets so many complements on them especially from other guys.

Birthday Pizza Cake Socks
K.L. (Toronto, ON)
Best socks!

These socks are a perfect birthday present for any pizza fanatic in your life!

Fortune Cookies (For Subscriptions)
Brian M. (Lakeville, MN)
Good luck socks

These are pretty creative

Rubber Chickens (For Subscriptions)
scott.e.cullen (Philadelphia, PA)
Love them

It’s only too bad that they don’t also make noise when walking.

Rubber Chickens (For Subscriptions)
Keven F. (Saguenay, QC)

Rubber. Chicken. Everything we need to be happy!

1 small step in socks, 1 big cluck in space

These socks are very out of this world. Bock

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