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For over a decade, Foot Cardigan has been the go-to destination for sock aficionados seeking the best fun sock subscriptions. We're not just about keeping your feet snug; we're about creating experiences. With over 1 million pairs of fun socks shipped to our customers, each review is a story of joy and satisfaction. Our passion for quality, variety, and style shines through every delivery, and the feedback from our community is a testament to the love we put into every pair.

We stand proudly behind our cozy creations with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee because your happiness is our top priority. If you're not absolutely delighted with your sock subscription, reach out to us, and we'll make it right. At Foot Cardigan, we believe that a great pair of socks can spark joy and bring smiles. Whether it's for you or a gift to put a spring in someone's step, we're here every stitch of the way to ensure your sock experience is as fabulous as the patterns we weave.

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6 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Elaine G. (Alvin, TX)
High quality socks

This is my second time to buy my husband a subscription. He loves the quality.

Birthday Pizza Cake Socks
Kara L.T. (Jefferson City, MO)
Preteen daughter

Exact quote, "They're pretty good. I ummm like them."

Fast shipping high quality just as described

Fast shipping high quality just as described granddaughter loves them

Performance No Show Socks
Teresa H. (Westmoreland, TN)

Love these socks! They actually stay up and not roll down especially in ankle boots!!!!


These socks are socks. Don't be fooled into thinking they are anything more or less than socks. They fit well on your feet and are comfortable in shoes. Do not attempt to put them over your head, they will not fit. The designs are more than squiggly and make a very cohesive, and may I say, artful piece that would feel at home in any sock museum. The stretchiness of the sock ensures that my whole foot may fit snuggly inside, but, and I cannot stress this enough, do not try to fit it over your dome. Would recommend

Men's Under the Sea
Ashley A. (Queens, NY)

A fun pair!

Month to Month Sock Subscription
Michael M. (Livingston, TX)

Stylish, whacky, fun, and always surprising! A year ago my son and I bought each other a subscription to Foot Cardigan and have never regretted it! We plan our outfits around socks now and are famous for the pairs we choose to wear each day. Plan your life around some good, affordable FUN!!

6 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Anoushka S. (Goleta, CA)
Socks are great and comfy

I bought these for my partner for Christmas and he loves them! they're colorful and comfy

Christmas Gift Bundle
Roy R. (Savannah, GA)
Great Product

These were given as a a gift and they absolutely loved them. Seem to be very sturdy and well!

Ordered for my brother - he was not suspecting a sock subscription and thought it was great.

Christmas Gift Bundle
Paula M. (Kelowna, BC)

Amazing product and quality

Month to Month Subscription
Shianne A. (Denver, CO)

The designs stay even when stretched and they are very soft fabric!

12 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Cathy Y. (Dallas, TX)
Great Gift!

I purchased a 12 month sock subscription for my hubby for Christmas. He really enjoys receiving a new pair each month … truly the gift that keeps on giving. Better yet, the socks are an excellent quality. Thanks so much!!

Month to Month Sock Subscription
Marilyn N. (Chesapeake, VA)
Super socks!

I originally purchased the subscription when Foot Cardigan first began. I originally got it for my oldest son who loves fun socks! It was so fabulous that when he felt he had gotten his fill of socks, I changed the subscription to my
youngest son. Once he got to a place he felt he had enough for the time being, so I gifted it to my middle son... And he is still enjoying it 3 years later! He is a nurse and goes through socks rather quickly, so he probably will be the recipient of the sock fairy gifts and not pass it along again!
The quality is wonderful and the sock designs are so much fun! I would recommend this subscription service to anyone who has someone in their life that needs a little pizzazz every month!

12 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Tanya S. (Canton, ME)
Administrators and Freaky Sock Obsessions

A group of department heads at a long term care facility purchased a 12-month subscription the previous holiday season for the Administrator of the facility. He wore a different pair of weird socks every day and just loved sharing them with us. A few months later that Administrator moved on to another facility and we got a brand new one - this one also has a huge freaky sock obsession! Thank you for making holiday shopping so easy!

J.P. (Alliance, OH)
Gifted to family member

Bought two gift subscriptions. Family very happy and thought it fun!

Under the Sea (For Subscriptions)
Graham M. (Oakville, ON)
Fun and fishy!

The bright colour and fun ocean design makes this my favourite pair of socks I have received so far! 5 starfish out of 5!

12 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Joy J. (Wadsworth, OH)

Ordered socks for our married son for Christmas. He will get 2 pairs of socks amonth for the entire year. I have already received 2 calls when he got his first 2 shipments. He is so excited with the sock designs and comfort . So his "sock" gift is a win win for me ! If it keeps up , I will receive 12 extra " I got my sock calls " than I would have !!! 😍😍😍😍

12 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Jessie H. (Woodstock, GA)
Such a great gift!

I chose the 12 month subscription. We’ve been on for 2 months and I really love that they provide 1 fun pair and one more understated pair, it’s a really great system!

6 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Rhonda W. (Newcastle, OK)

I love being surprised and shocked! When my socks arrive it is like being a child again. I cant wait to open the package and see whats inside! This month i loved the flashy dinosauris taco socks! I may be 70 but my socks are stylish!

Month to Month Subscription
Bradley C. (Owensboro, KY)
Great Socks

Great socks. Love the designs.

Birthday Pizza Cake Socks
Rose S. (Mt. Vernon, IL)

Attractive and cute!

6 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Rachel P. (Cincinnati, OH)
I blamed it on the socks :)

I managed to luckily get the pair of Whoopie cushion socks at the perfect time! Little did I know, that as I was going to open my first package of socks that I would also be releasing some gas from my trial run of a plant-based diet🫣. My boyfriend was sitting across the room looking in horror at the noise that had escaped my bum. I raised the pair of socks and managed to convince him that the noise came from these amazing pair of socks as I pulled on them and let another squeaker out. Thanks Foot Cardigan!! Perfect timing!!


it is amazing it feels so good so comfy I wear it all the time when it's not in the wash

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