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For over a decade, Foot Cardigan has been the go-to destination for sock aficionados seeking the best fun sock subscriptions. We're not just about keeping your feet snug; we're about creating experiences. With over 1 million pairs of fun socks shipped to our customers, each review is a story of joy and satisfaction. Our passion for quality, variety, and style shines through every delivery, and the feedback from our community is a testament to the love we put into every pair.

We stand proudly behind our cozy creations with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee because your happiness is our top priority. If you're not absolutely delighted with your sock subscription, reach out to us, and we'll make it right. At Foot Cardigan, we believe that a great pair of socks can spark joy and bring smiles. Whether it's for you or a gift to put a spring in someone's step, we're here every stitch of the way to ensure your sock experience is as fabulous as the patterns we weave.

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Kid's Organic Cotton Socks
Ashley G. (West Plains, MO)

Quality socks. Material feels great. Color combination reminds me of my grandma's couch from 1970. I happen to love the color scheme, but it's a harder sell for the kids

Mushroom (For Subscriptions)
Peggy A. (Fenton, MI)
Mushroom socks

Very cute!

Lines of Dots Green
Lindsay O. (Colchester, VT)
Love the unique patterns - high quality

Super high quality. Great fit. Only wish, to have less packaging, feels like a waste. But love these socks!

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
Anonymous (Kenton, OH)

Fun and cool

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
James N. (Atlanta, GA)
Sock Review

Love your socks. All of the designs are original and really cool.

Such fun socks!

Foot Cardigan socks are so fun, but also so comfortable. They're the perfect weight for summer and winter. I'd rather not wear shoes and/or socks, but these are great!

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
Amy G. (New York, NY)
I was so retro stoked🙌🏼❣️

Made me want to roll back to the simple troll days & who didn’t want a fubrby!!!!!! Who’s parent didn’t stand on line or get into fight shopping for a furby around Christmas!!!!!! Thanks for the blast from the past!!!

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
Ashley A. (New York, NY)
So fun!

Great and fun graphics!

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
carl b. (Coal Township, PA)
Subscription For My Daughters

My Daughter was thrilled when the Sock Fairy delivered her Retro Buddies!

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
Joe P. (East Brunswick, NJ)

Loved them!

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
Travis G. (Arlington, TX)
An excellend gift idea!

My daughter got me a subscription for my birthday. I love them! Great patterns. Very comfortable. They're awesome.

Retro Buddies (For Subscriptions)
Amber K. (Emmaus, PA)
Love them !

Love getting a new pair of socks every month and seeing the cool design on them. Everybody always compliments them as well. They are great quality and bright vibrant colors best socks ever.

Glasses (For Subscriptions)
Nicole C. (Salt Lake City, UT)
Best socks ever

We all wear glasses in the house, so these socks fit us so well.


Love the colors and the playful design.

Skating Octopuses (For Subscriptions)
Stephanie F. (Nashville, TN)
Love them

They will look great with Grey and blue slacks.

Fortune Cookies
Amanda (St Louis, MO)

The socks are great quality and just squeezie enough, however the absolute best part is definitely the facts about the image on the socks. We love learning interesting new facts and without the socks we wouldn't have learned these.

Under the Sea
Robyn W. (Toronto, ON)

My granddaughter loves my socks!

12 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Katie G. (Evanston, IL)
2nd time around

My husband liked his first set of socks so much, that I got him another year’s worth. They’re cozy and cute, and will soon be the only socks in his drawer.

I love getting these fun socks every month! It’s the best gift

Under the Sea
Krista W. (Port Coquitlam, BC)
Under the Sea Love

Oh, the colours! These socks go great with virtually everything I wear. And fishies!

Fancy Croissant (France)
Paula M. (Kelowna, BC)
Only thing better than fresh croissants ... Fresh croissant socks

Good fun, great socks. Felt fancy in the boardroom and on the skateboard.

Mushroom (For Subscriptions)
jordan f. (Brooklyn, NY)

fun colors

Mushroom (For Subscriptions)
Keegan U. (New York, NY)
What a trip!

The 12th addition of the monthly sick deliveries. What great to it has been.

A little fun package to open once a month - letting ya know time is progressing while we are stuck on the endless treadmill of work, emails and commuting a happy little sock package shows up to keep us going!

Kid's Organic Cotton Socks
Kids S. (Los Angeles, CA)
Vest socks in town

These are the best kids socks around.

12 Month Subscription (Prepaid)
Anonymous (Duncanville, TX)
At least my box shaped feet can now look a bit more stylish.

Yep. There was never hope for me to start an Only Fans account featuring my box shaped feet with the teeny tiny little toes. Ever since my wife and I first started dating, she thought it odd my feet were quite square in shape. Yes, they are. I never gave myself a second to believe I could win any sort of sexy feet award.

With the recent surprise birthday gift from my wife, however, things are still the same -- just more chic! So the outline of my feet are still quite square, BUT now you never know what cool patterns hide the odd sight. As I write this, I have received the first month's socks and quite snazzy I might add.

So not only will my feet look a little bit more fly, there is absolutely zero chance now any of the toes will escape as no more worn out holes will ever occur with these well made socks too. If you were hoping to see my box feet, you're out of luck. If you're looking for cool socks, sign up! I am glad my wife did. Now what will the other 11 months bring?...

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