Goodbye Malaria

Every purchase supports Goodbye Malaria.

All we’ve ever wanted is to make our moms proud. (They weren’t too happy with us when we started selling socks online instead of saving lives.) So, we figured out a way to do both. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Goodbye Malaria, an initiative run by some very passionate and concerned entrepreneurs.

Goodbye Malaria is a non-profit on a mission to end the preventable disease. They’re working hard to create innovative solutions that not only eliminate malaria but change the way the world sees Africa. And we want to help. Through our partnership, we’re donating a percentage of every order placed on our site to support Goodbye Malaria. It costs just $5.50 to protect a life, and thanks to your support, we’re helping make a difference—and making our moms proud, too.
Learn more about the amazing work that they are going going visiting their website here