Women's Crew Socks

There’s no more classic women’s sock than the women’s crew sock. Women’s crew socks go up to your mid-calf. They’re taller than ankle socks, but not as tall as knee socks. They’re the Baby Bear of socks; they fit juuust right. But the real beauty of crew socks? All of the exciting sock designs to choose from. Crew socks have all the fun. They have tons of space for patterns, and they’re the most fun socks to wear. From your favorite food to your favorite city, our fun socks for women let you get creative and show off your personal style. They’re made from high-quality combed cotton and have a 200 needle count, aka the highest gauge used for socks, aka the highest quality you can find. With both comfort and style, they’re the whole package. Once you try our stylish socks, you’ll never wear another pair ever again. Promise.

Do you know that we also make custom socks?

Trusted by the worlds leading brands, we have made over 1 million pairs of custonm socks over the past 10 years. Our Los Angeles design team will work with you hand in hand to craft the best design, highest quality socks and that will promise to make you happy.

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