How to Show Off your Socks on Instagram

How to Show Off your Socks on Instagram
March can be a funny month. The holiday aftermath can leave us bloated, broke, addicted to watching Shark Tank and just plain bored. So how does the average guy or gal that is semi-hibernating have a little fun and break out of the winter blahs? They look to their super amazing, fun socks for inspiration. And then they rock their instagram socks with the colorful bliss that nothing other than the funkiest pair of socks can bring.   So take that February. You can’t keep happy, styling feet down. Convinced to join in on the socks apparel revolution and stake your claim on the interweb? Cool. Don’t start just yet, we have a few style hacks to make sure your awesome kicks get the attention they deserve.

It’s All About the Light, Baby

Just because you are rocking true sock awesomeness and rolled up your pant leg doesn’t mean you’re ready for the money shot. Get some good light, yo! Those puppies need to pop out! You know the saying ‘it starts with a canvas’ or something like that...whatever, just make sure you are properly illuminating so those Amaro, Gingham and Hudson filters can truly flatter.

Beware of Your Surroundings

Yeah, sure your Hot Peppermint socks are bitchin’ but that dirty underwear on your floor not so much. The devil is in the details, you eager beaver. Hold up and at least move your clutter away from your photo frame. The result? Your fun socks get all the attention and no trolls will be judging your messy habits.

Rock the Hashtag

If you think we are talking about the landline phone ‘pound sign’ stop right here. You’re probably not a good candidate for February Instagram awesomeness. For everyone else, you gots to get it right. The recommended number of tags for an Instagram post is 10-12 and you need to get a little more creative than just #socks….add some personality people. Are you feeling #dapper in your #sockgame or just received some amazing #sockswag? That's better! Have you become a #socks addict and taken the most boss pic of your monthly Say It With A Sock delivery? Make sure you tag #sayitwithasock because we love featuring our favorites on our Instagram Account. See, becoming winter famous is so within your reach! Now you’re all set to have a Friday night full of thrills and giggles showing off your impeccable taste in socks apparel. Happy clicking and filtering!