Fuzzy socks are all the rage

Fuzzy socks are all the rage

It's become glaringly obvious that cute fuzzy socks are all the rage these days (even though we're in the middle of summer). Although our sock of the month club subscribers don't ever get fuzzy socks, we still do love them! I'm pretty sure the mentality around wearing fuzzy socks goes something like this:

Winter: "OMG I love fuzzy socks, these are the greatest things ever. I am going to buy another pair when I see them (often at CVS or Walgreens). How cute would it be if they made fuzzy socks that weren't just focused on winter holidays?—P.S. Did I mention I'm obsessed with fuzzy socks."

Spring: "These fuzzy socks are amazing. I don't always have to wear them outside these days because it's warming up, but they are perfect for the house because they keep my feet warm and cozy. I should probably pick up another pair just to have—I mean why not, they're so cute."

Summer: "Oh, I guess I don't need to wear fuzzy socks cause it's so warm. But if I go on a weekend trip somewhere I may as well pack them, you never know what temperature people keep their houses at and I'd hate to be cold. I may as well buy a pair for my host as a thank you gift."

Fall: "It's getting cold again, which means I totally need to buy more fuzzy socks! I mean, why wouldn't I want to own a million pairs for when it actually turns into winter. I'm so much happier when I get to wear cute fuzzy socks around the house. I mean they're basically the best things ever."


You get the point... the bottom line is you can never have enough fuzzy socks. After going to the CHPE (Chinese international Hosiery Purchasing Expo) in Shanghai back in February, we learned that fuzzy socks are here to stay for the indefinite future. Our best advice is make sure you own plenty, cause it seems as though you can never have enough. At the show we found some great inspirations for both women's sock of the month club and our sock of the month club for men!