Custom Face Socks


If we had one wish, it would be for world peace, of course. If we had two wishes, they would be for world peace and for our pets to live forever and always be right next to us when we need them, never hiding under the bed or scratching the sofa or trying to tip over the trash can. We’re not asking for a lot here.

Our motto? If you can put a man on the moon, you can put a pet on socks.

We created our answer to all the world’s problems: pet socks. Not just any pet socks, but custom pet socks. We’re talkin’ socks with pet faces on them. YOUR pet faces on them! That dog who’s drooling on your couch right now. That cat who woke you up at 3:30 a.m. by sticking her nose in your ear. That needy pet you adopted during the pandemic who doesn’t understand what’s happening when you leave for 20 seconds to check the mail. Those are the faces we want to put on socks for you.

We make it easy to get your pet’s face on socks: You upload a photo, and our excellent team of animal-loving designers will do the rest. It really is that easy. These fun pet socks have a unique cut-out design that shows off your dog or cat’s cute face. You can even personalize the socks with your pet’s name. We’re not saying our socks with pet faces are the answer to world peace or that they’ll make your dog magically obedient. But we do think they’re pretty neat.

Pets are part of the family. Many dog and cat owners love their furry friends like they’re their own children. Regardless of how you feel about the term ‘fur baby,’ there’s no denying that pets are beloved family members worth celebrating. A fantastic way to honor them is with pet socks. Custom pet socks.

Make no mistake: Your dog or cat will have absolutely no idea that you put their face on a pair of socks. Really. We cannot understate how underwhelming their response will be. But it’ll still be super cute.

Personalized pet socks are a wonderful gift for any dog or cat owner. They’re also a sweet, special way to remember a beloved pet that crossed the rainbow bridge to the big dog park or litter box in the sky. (Who is cutting onions in here?)

Our team chatted about it, and we unanimously agree: Our professional careers as designers and sock-ologists led us to this moment of creating pet and owner socks. We stare at the computer screen all day like you do, but the difference is that we get to stare at pictures of your adorable pets. As our job. That we get paid to do. Our resumes are hilarious and our parents are confused why they sent us to college for this. But we couldn’t be happier. We genuinely love designing pet face socks that make you smile.

Do you know that we also make custom socks?

Trusted by the worlds leading brands, we have made over 1 million pairs of custonm socks over the past 10 years. Our Los Angeles design team will work with you hand in hand to craft the best design, highest quality socks and that will promise to make you happy.

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