Foot Cardigan


Rachel McClard

Customer Experience Lead, Y U So Kewl R8chul You know. Rachel walks in and everyone loves her, and she's had this illustrious career in LA working in the film industry. And then she's nice so customers love her, too, and greeeattt Rachel cool so you can do the best Sean Connery impression of all time and have your own comedy troupe. We guess that's why customers love you. We. Guess. 

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Samuel Bucumi

Warehouse Knight, Awesomest Feetville Citizen Samuel was born one year before Taylor Swift in Burundi. He's the guy who makes sure every pair of socks has a well-rounded breakfast and a hug before they’re shipped to their new home — aka, your feet. Samuel also might be Foot Cardigan’s smartest team member since he knows three different languages and the rest of us are lucky if we can speak English good.

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Keaton Myers

Warehouse Dragon Lord, Red Beard By day, Keaton accounts for every sock in the warehouse. By night, he spits hot fire and freestyles the freshest lyrics this side of the Red River. When he’s doing neither of those things, Keaton studies criminal justice in order to punish those with white socks and weak rhymes.

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Hope Malone

Community Manager, Dreamcrusher Hope has a shrewd eye for what’ll work and what won’t — hence her legit "dreamcrusher" moniker. She’s not afraid to tell you (read: Bryan) if your idea is dumb, but she’ll do it all with a smile because she’s just the nicest. Fun facts: Hope’s a vegetarian, can stand on her head for infinity, hasn't seen a Disney movie, and hates Harry Potter. House Slytherin!

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Laura DeLuca

Content Manager, Foil Accessory Enthusiast Laura likes to celebrate the little things in life, like remembering to put eyeliner on both eyes in the morning. She writes words at Foot Cardigan, which means she hems and haws over silly things like “grammar” and “spelling.” Laura thinks it’s awkward that she has to write a short bio about herself. But here she is. Writing a short bio about herself.

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