What do Your Socks Say About You

What do Your Socks Say About You

Ready to sock size your personality? It’s true, socks are like a window into your soul. A comfy, stylish and spectacular palette that stakes your claim in the world. You already know that they are an essential fashion accessory but do you know what your socks say about you? Our sock of the month club sends you amazing men's, women's or kid's socks each month!  

Crazy, Fun Patterns

Think TacoSaurus or Beer Pong socks. You gotta sense of adventure, a rebellious streak and ain’t gonna let nobody put your feet in a corner. Crazy creative patterns show that you are approachable and will probably strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere and within minutes could be bungee jumping or hopping a train to California.

Vibrant Block Patterns

Hello, Boss Bitch and Alpha Male. You mean business, are hungry for power and can get a ton of shit done. Huge business meeting? You got this. Ready to take over the world? No problem. Filled with strength and wisdom? Obviously.


Your vivacious and innovative but crave a little formal structure. You prefer a more subtle, chilled out revolution against conformity and believe killer style will lead the way. The arsenal of striped socks in your drawer is stealthy building your brand as a creative and gutsy mover and shaker that is totally expected to break and bend the rules.


You golf. You’re obsessed. You’re not reading this blog because you are golfing.


You are either incredibly lazy or you are a true free spirit that refuses to be dictated by social standards. You’re independent, confident, a visionary and possibly a slob, but you are turning heads and making one helluva statement. People wish they had your balls and such a quick morning routine.

White Sock

You’re boring and your mother is still doing your shopping. White sock means no sparkle and pop in your personality.   How did your personality sock size up? Remember that no matter what, any day you rock the crazy, fun sock game, you step out your door a true champion.