Foot Cardigan

Men’s Foot Yardigan Socks

Donkeycrat $6

Hanukkah Cookies $6

Holiday Cookies $6

Obama $6

Post Office $6

Romney $6

Women’s Foot Yardigan Socks

Beachy Keen $6

Bomb.com $6

Bouq-hey $6

Butterfly Buzz (knee-high) $6

Candy Stripe $6

Checkers $6

Christmas Cookies $6

Donkeycrat $6

Friday Night Lights $6

Good Day Sunshine (knee-high) $6

Gray Garden $6

Hanukkah Cookies $6

Holiday Cookies $6

Is This Real Life? $6

Night on the Town (knee-high) $6

Obama $6

Post Office (knee-high) $6

Republiphant $6

Romney $6

Shakin' La Vida Loca (knee-high) $6

Sunshine Sally (knee-high) $6

Vertical Stripe (knee-high) $6

Foot Cardigan sad eyes

Will I get these if I already subscribe to Foot Cardigan?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the small quantities ordered, these are only available for individual purchase. Existing subscribers are more than welcome to purchase these socks separately!

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