No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack
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No-Show Socks - 5 Pair Pack

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Imagine No-Show Socks That Don’t Smell, Slip, or Hurt Your Feet

You deserve quality socks that make walking and looking good painless. Mast/Steiner socks have been engineered with these two goals in mind. For over 8 years Mast/Steiner socks have been thousands of customers’ first choice.

Our newest design is packed with improvements to comfort your feet better than ever before. A breathable and almost indestructible cotton mixture lets you avoid stink and sweat.

Patented anti-bacterial yarn gives you the huge benefit of wearing socks for up to three days without them stinking. You won’t have to wash them four times a week or worry about them getting destroyed when you clean them.

It is senseless to buy no-show socks that look good, but can’t even stay on your feet. Our classic silicon grip guarantees Mast/Steiner Socks won’t slip off your foot.

And Remember:

If you buy the socks, and you don’t love them, you can return them within the first 30 days. But we’re pretty sure that won’t happen!

Made with 70%Cotton, 25%Polyester and 5%spandex

Machine wash warm on gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not dry clean or iron.

Free U.S. shipping for all orders over $75 and our 30 days, no questions asked return policy. One thing, though—sock packaging has to be unopened. Sales for sock bundles are final. 

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Show Your Style, Not Your Socks

Comfortable & Anti-bacteria

No sweat, no smell. Mast/Steiner socks are made of an ultra-soft cotton blend and enhanced with an anti-bacterial formula. Your feet breathe and don’t sweat and stink.

Style Without Slipping

The no-show design keeps all eyes on your shoes -- not the socks sticking out above them. Unlike other brands, specially engineered silicon stops the socks from annoyingly sliding off your feet when you walk.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

No more paying $20 for a pair of socks. Mast/Steiner socks are shipped straight from the manufacturer to you. On top of that: if you don’t love them, send them back within 30 days.

Engineered to provide stealth comfort

Breathable, Durable, No-Slip Design