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How do I know what size to get?

Here’s how our sizing works for our different adult styles: 

Style Men’s Sizing Women’s Sizing
Number Ones, Small Batch, and Mytropolis 8-13 5-10
Tip Tops 8-13 Not available
Houdinis M: 8-10
L: 10.5-13
S: 5-8
M: 8.5-11
Borings 8-13 Not available

Our kids’ socks are sized by age range. Here’s how that works:

Gender Small Medium Large
Girls (Dolls) Age 3-5 Age 6-9 Age 10-12
Boys (Dudes) Age 3-5 Age 6-9 Age 10-12

Our socks are super stretchy and fit a wide variety of feet. If you get some that don’t fit, just send them back to us and we’ll replace ‘em. Get specific instructions in our Return Policy.

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