Download the Gift Certificate!
Download the Holiday Gift Certificate! (Version 1)
Download the Holiday Gift Certificate! (Version 2)

Congratulations. You will now be heralded as a fantastic gift giver!

In case you waited until the last minute or like to kick it old school, here’s a special gift certificate for you to give in lieu of the actual pair (or pairs!) of socks. Personalize it, choose the type of gift you want, then print that bad boy out.

PRO TIP: Real names are fine but nicknames are better. Like, if our khaki-wearing partner Tom gave manly, bearded partner Bryan a subscription, it would probably say something along the lines of, “From: Sir Nolikey The Jeansies” and “To: Dreaded Captain Italiobeard”. You know? It just really shows they love between the gift giver and gift receiver.

Happy gift giving!

Oh, and remember that you have to actually purchase a subscription for the gift certificate to be worth anything.