Mytropolis by Foot Cardigan

Your city. On foot.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta show your favorite city some love. And sometimes, that starts with your own two feet. No plane ticket, ironic t-shirt, or random shot glass collection required. Just a super rad pair of socks. Boom.

Boston $13

The original tea sippers don’t need no intro. Boston is bad-ace, and everyone — Bostonians included — knows it. Need proof? Look no further than the bottom of our socks. #themapples

Seattle $13

If we ever get confirmation of a secret wizarding society, is it weird that we’d automatically assume the headquarters is in the Space Needle? No? Cool. Glad we had that talk.

Sydney $13

Australia, we love you. Sydney, we want to be your BFFFL. If only just for a mere moment in time, where we can frolic along the harbor in front of the Opera House — hand in hand, like true BFFFLs do.

New Orleans $13

We can’t get enough of New Orleans. The people, po’boys and jazz. The creepy men throwing beads when it’s not even Mardi Gras. It all makes us want to second line in our skivvies.

San Francisco $13

We believe San Francisco is heaven on earth. Well, if your version of heaven includes redwood trees, a mascot named after the deliciousness that is sourdough bread, and Danny Tanner. Which we think it does, so case closed.

Rome $13

Any city where it’s socially acceptable to show off your chest hair while loudly talking and shoving our face hole with pasta is a city we can get behind. We-a love-a you, Roma!

Paris $13

What more can be said about Paris? Nothing because everyone knows how amazing it is. So we’ll just tell you our favorite things about the City of Lights: crepes, crepes, and more crepes.

Washington D.C. $13

Obviously, our nation’s capitol has always been incredible. Democracy, history, culture. But when Nicolas Cage stole the Declaration of Independence to find that hidden treasure...let’s just say he really helped take DC’s cool factor up a few notches.

Vancouver $13

First, Vancouver had to go and be all cool and all pretty. Then. THEN! Then we found out that it’s the home of Jason Priestley and something called “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster.” So now, not only do our glutes burn with envy, but we binge watched every single episode of 90210. Thanks a lot, Vancouver! (but really, thank you)

Austin $13

Music. Festivals. Tacos. Nature. Hipsters (legit ones). Is there anything Austin doesn't do well? We've looked into it, and decided on a definitive answer: no. Austin does every damn thing well.

Nashville $13

What's not to love about Nashville? Any city that's home to music legends, the Bluebird Cafe, and the fried bologna sandwich at Robert's Western World is a city we need to visit. Now. Like, now now.

Los Angeles $13

Top down. Not a care in the world as you drive along the PCH. Well, maybe a few cares. Traffic. And spin class. Organic ethically sourced handcrafted green juice. But, guys! Namaste. Back to the now. Back to the LA we all know and love, the LA of our dreams.

Chicago $13

Don't worry, we wouldn't dare put ketchup on this bad boy. No sir-ee. But we would dare to put a PROPER Chicago dog on a sock, because there aren't many greater things in life. Can we get an amen?

New York City $13

We know. You heart NY. But a true New York City connoisseur has a deep love for the thing that makes the City That Never Sleeps, well, never sleep. Other than angry cab drivers and nomnomnom pizza, of course.

London $13

There are so many iconic things in London — Big Ben, Gringotts, Harry Styles — that designing our London socks was hard. But because we’re loyal to the crown, the Royal Guards and their awesome hats won. They always do.

Dallas $13

If you want a little piece o’ Foot Cardigan history, look no further than our Dallas socks. The place where our sock fairy sprinkles her fairy glitter. Where the magic happens. And the place where it all began.

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Want your favorite city repped on a pair of our socks? Let us know which one. We’ll let you know when new cities pop up.

Will I get these if I already subscribe to Foot Cardigan?

Unfortunately, no. Mytropolis socks are only available for individual purchase. Existing subscribers are more than welcome to purchase these socks separately.